Boondocks of Oz

Vest, Shirt & Boots: Vintage, Shorts: Bad Vibes, Hat: Backbite

Nothin' but love for all of the support of Backbite in only the last month that we have been open. Rachel, Taylor, Casey, Brit and I are all pumping so much excitement through our blood and addicted to hunting like we've never been before. We just hit our 200th order and in celebration of this crazy milestone, we're having a flash sale this Friday and Saturday of 20% off the entire store.

Use the code 200LIZARDS at checkout and get on top of the best collection of vintage that we've had up in the shop thus far! This hat is just one of those "bests."



  1. you're a queen.
    and congrats for the 200th order babe!

  2. Gorgeous **
    Love the vest, is soo unique

    Ines Loves
    Have a lovely day! <3
    IT *

  3. I think those might be the coolest shorts I've ever seen! Congrats on getting to 200 orders, that's awesome!