Kissed My Nightmares

 Sunglasses: Captain's Helm, Crop Top and Concho Belt: Vintage, Shorts: Old skinnies that I cut up, Boots: Rag and Bone (a friend's)

Embracing the pains of change isn't for the weak at heart and mental grooming is hard work. I finally (and earnestly) feel comfortable saying that I've actually learned to love the struggle of "difficult". Difficult has given me so much more than easy has - by leaps and bounds. I've coveted and wished upon many things for almost my entire life, convinced that I hadn't the ability or opportunity to ever achieve those things. That's the problem with driving through life with comfort as your main priority, fearing that un-comfort will set you back further than you already are (In case you wanted the recipe for anxiety, there you have it). So here I am, at the precipice of attainment and scared-shitless, loving every second of it.

I'm moving to LA in three days with the raddest new job waiting for me. And if that weren't enough, yet another crazy new project has just knocked at my door. Timing is everything, nothing is on accident and everything is exactly as it should be. 


  1. Whaaaa, that top rocks.

  2. Change can only happen when we step out of our comfort zone.
    You are an example of what is possible..... you go Selena

    Love Mom
    Also known as Selena's Mom :)

  3. Woman... you are one of the most beautiful (inside, too), capable, and outwardly fearless people I know. It's inspiring to see you acting on those things in such a positive way. I'm so excited for all the opportunities coming your direction, even if they scare your pants off (and who needs pants?)

  4. Hey! We miss you...will you continue blogging anytime soon? :(

    - Love

  5. Gorgeous <3


  6. That top is gorgeous! Somewhere needs to make a top like that. I'm going to try and hunt one down
    Lucia's Loves

  7. love your style now following your blog :)