Telltale Hearts Vintage

 Sunglasses, Lace Corset and Vintage Shorts: Flashbacks in Encinitas, Vintage Leather Moto Vest: c/o Telltale Hearts Vintage; Cuff: c/o Hot Trash Vintage, Boots: Revivals in Palm Springs

Got this amazing little vest from Telltale Hearts Vintage, an online vintage heaven that I've known since Day 0 of blogging. I mean, snakeskin patchwork, silver conchos and leather fringe? How much more perfect could this be? I can also see myself wearing this with a sleeveless vintage floral dress (long or short) or on top of an oversized vintage cut-off muscle tee with tons of jewelry. Telltale Hearts has an awesome collection of hand-selected vintage (plus some new labels) that you really should check out.

It also can't go without mentioning that I found these perfect as fuck vintage black leather chelsea boots in a thrift store for FIVE DOLLARS. Today is the first day that I haven't worn them since their purchase last Sunday.

Anyway, back to Telltale Hearts amazingness...Here are a few of my favorites:

You're welcome. :)

In other news, exciting and somewhat scary change + newness in all forms is on the horizon. More on that soon...


  1. okay, how are there no comments on this look? it's perfect in every way, so inspiring <3 U GO GRL

  2. weeeee!! you are amazing. this is perf. the vest IS RAD. I am stoked on it's existance, and your boots too. and your face. mostly your face is what i love about this whole thing. well not just your face but like, you. because you are a perfect human, and i really mean that. seriously. you are so amazing. I cant wait to see you.. in like.. what 2.5 months? 3...ishhh.. I hope the news is good newsssss maybe about hot things that ppl need to put out...

  3. um hi you're fucking wonderful

  4. The leather vest is gorgeous! :)


  5. I'm really in love with your style!! I love your blogg!!
    Best regards from Spain :)

  6. That leather top is amazing, you style is always perf xx