Motel Rocks My Shorts Off


Pinch my cheeks, rat my hair and slap me lucky. Just in time for Spring, Motel Rocks sent yours truly these romantic floral shorts. As if the flamboyant little gay man on my right shoulder couldn't scream any louder, bright rainbow colors are manifesting in my closet and making all of the black and grey jealous.

These rosey shorts are just what I needed to break up my monotone habits. And because it was such a yawn pairing my Grateful Dead tee with a pair of black shorts or Levi's, I went full rainbow overload. Not only pleasing to the eye, these airy-light shorts made my buns feel nearly bare (in a good way). Oh and! They even have pockets for my chapstik. c: Bonus points galore.

In addition to this newness, you might have also noticed the new geographic do-dad on my middle finger. No, it's NOT New Jersey (yes, my 14-year-old sister asked me this question in all seriousness) and yes I am actually FROM California (asked the plump lady in line the bank). I'm proud to say that this little baby was hand-poked in it's entirety. No machine or electricity. Just a needle, ink and a very skilled hand.

If you follow me on Instagram (@thesiren), you might recognize this outfit from my "I do what I want" photo. If not, go find me! ;) Otherwise, check out my Twitter account n'cuz all my Instagram pics go there too.

Sunnies: Wal-Mart, Jacket: Thrifted, Tee: Vintage, Belt: Urban Outfitters, Shorts: Motel Rocks, Boots: Marshalls!

xxx Selena Cruz


  1. This outfit is THE SHIT. So much love for it. Gimme that top! Hand poked tattoo eh? Wow, awesome. I like. Ahhhh I miss California. I can't wait to come (move) back!

  2. I love your style. You look awesome.

  3. A prison tat? Looks very nice. Killa Cali till I die. My friend used to get drunk and think of tattoo designs for me "killa cali!" she was screaming with a black wine stained giraffe tongue.

  4. This outfit isn't really my style buut, I admit, it looks great on you. The shorts are cute :)

  5. This is amazing, i am completely in love with your style. That is all! One of my favourite bloggers without a doubt :)

  6. That tattoo is amazing! Cali love! I saw this outfit on Lookbook, and thought that you expertly know how to toughen up some floral shorts. Well done! Been a fan of Motel since 2008, and they keep getting better and better!

  7. I love the way you paired that dead shirt with those shorts! It looks fuckin cool!

  8. Absolutely adore your floral shorts! And your CA tattoo is so cool. :) Really enjoy the way you write. You have a great blog girl! <3