Vintage Suede Fringe Jacket, Harley Davidson Hat & Belt: Backbite

Some days are too perfect to try to write about. This day was one of them...

Photos taken at my dad's ranch for the upcoming Backbite Lookbook. 


Boondocks of Oz

Vest, Shirt & Boots: Vintage, Shorts: Bad Vibes, Hat: Backbite

Nothin' but love for all of the support of Backbite in only the last month that we have been open. Rachel, Taylor, Casey, Brit and I are all pumping so much excitement through our blood and addicted to hunting like we've never been before. We just hit our 200th order and in celebration of this crazy milestone, we're having a flash sale this Friday and Saturday of 20% off the entire store.

Use the code 200LIZARDS at checkout and get on top of the best collection of vintage that we've had up in the shop thus far! This hat is just one of those "bests."



Desert Daze

 Coat, Bag and Boots: all coming soon to Backbite, Shirt: ℅ Hot Trash Vintage, Sunglasses: Goodwill

A major "thank you" to Alison at Hot Trash Vintage for this rad oversized shirt. They also have a rad collection of vintage coats, tees and dresses that are simply insane and new arrivals hitting the shop all the time. Check em out.

My Backbite crew and I are also proud to announce that we will be slingin vintage at Desert Daze this year, put on by the lovely people at Moonblock Party. Camping tickets are selling out super fast so get yours with a quickness and come hang with us while we listen to the best music lineup under the sun! Tickets at dezertdaze.org.


Technicolor Dreamcoat + Bones

 Coat: Vintage -- coming soon to Backbite, Tee: Vintage, Shorts: Vintage Levi's, Equus Tooth Pendant & Knuckle Rings: c/o Birds N Bones Jewelry, Boots: Vintage Justin's

Someone is going to have to peel this coat off me when I sell it because I clearly cannot stop wearing it. The vintage hunting gods have been real good to us lately and we have piles and piles of especially rad new coats up on the site on a daily basis. Seriously, check it out.

Let me preface my next introduction by saying that I am a huge, huge advocate for small, female-run/owned businesses. Which leads me to this jewelry situation.  Birds N Bones Jewelry was created by two female artists in San Francisco, who design and hand craft their taxidermy-influenced pieces that I feel in love with at first sight. When I went through their products, I had the longest, most ridiculous wish-list that I eventually narrowed down to the pieces seen above. And I haven't taken any of them off for a single day since. Check out the rest of their collection here.

Thank you Zoe and Ashley!


Fraudulism and Freud

Hat: Taylor's, Sunglasses: Brit's, Top & Bag: Backbite, Socks: Wal-Mart
(Kitty "Helper" = Huxley the Cat)

This right here might be the one area where I feel totally justified in judging others, no holds barred. Truth be told, it's pretty difficult to be original. Almost everything we see was inspired by an original source (which was also inspired by something that preceded it), but given it's own uniqueness by the creator. That is not what this post is about. Inspiration is one thing. It is another thing entirely when the product created is a blatant, (poorly attempted) duplicate of something that YOU DIDN'T COME UP WITH. Major companies like Urban Outfitters and Nasty Gal do this. They find or look for designs made by individuals whose marketing capacities are dwarfed in size. Because these companies can't come up with designs on their own OR don't want to spend money on hiring talented designers, they steal designs made by others knowing that they have the resources to create and sell it as their own, without any repercussions.

Sadder yet, is that there are people who are doing this with the work of myself and my close friends. Some of these people I know personally, some I don't. They use uncredited photos, change their branding, produce clothing with uncanny resemblances to designs they've seen elsewhere. They are (were) friends, acquaintances, former co-workers and current girlfriends of our ex-boyfriends. Of course we didn't fucking INVENT selling vintage or loving the beach and the desert and watercolors and reptiles. Nor are these things mutually exclusive to ourselves either. We manipulated our interests as inspiration to create something that was actually new. We created an image and branding that is unique because it came from our own collective minds.

There are little regulations and laws when it comes to creative copyrights and intellectual property. If you want to rip someone off, you are well aware that nobody can stop you. What I can tell you is that although you might be pathetic and transparent, you are not invisible.

My best guess is that underneath it all, you just want to be successful and to feel cool and attractive, just like everybody else does to varying degrees. And there is nothing inherently wrong with that. Your sense of self-expression, your money, your car, your posts on Facebook - these are all pretty much there because at some very primal level, you want to appear attractive to the gender which you are attracted to, and competitive to the one that you aren't. Fine with that. But when something you do to benefit yourself is at the cost of someone elses's time, energy or money, you are simply cheating.

You somehow vindicate yourself for doing this in your shit-for-brains head, but let me remind you: The very second you hear your own thoughts begin to rationalize something, that's your cue that you shouldn't be doing it. But go ahead and cry all you want or try all you want. The point is that you are fucking obvious. And your shit is whack, anyway.



Preview of the "Run Through the Desert" - BACKBITE Lookbook, Spring 2014

I couldn't be prouder to announce the launch of BACKBITE, the new online store created by me, Rachel, Casey, Taylor and Brit. We made it our goal to create something truly representative of who we are and what we love: salty beaches, desert landscapes, hidden crystal caves and the absolute best vintage treasures sourced straight from our adventures together.

Here's some items that are up right now! (which - until the end of the night tonight - you can get with our grand opening 20% off promo with the code GOLDMINE at checkout):




The Fall Story

Sunglasses: Brit's, Top: Rachel's, Shorts: c/o Gypsy Warrior
Photos taken by Brit (months ago)

I've written and re-written this first-blog-post-after-months-of-not-posting almost a dozen times now. How tragically optimistic my last post was, excited about my new venture yet completely blind of the shit-storm that was yet to come. Every time I thought about how I was going to write this, I schemed about crafting some cunning and witty, yet subtle slander about my twat ex-boss whom I chose to sacrifice way too much for, and top it off with a heavy dose of lamenting about all other unfortunate events that took place simultaneously. If only I could publicly whine about my life to induce some invited clemency, THEN I would feel better. But I haven't been able to shake the idea that my desire for worthless pity was not going to fix fucking anything. The choices I made were mine as well as the difficulties that went with them. And here is what happened.

Since last September, I:
  • Did not get married when I was supposed to
  • Moved to LA without a solid place to live
  • Ignored my first impressions and took a job
  • Acquired eight parking tickets
  • Drove while I was distracted and got in two car accidents
  • Didn't eat when I was hungry
  • Didn't sleep when I was tired
  • Let myself be treated like dog shit and all I did was cry + work harder
These choices cost me things I couldn't afford. Letting go of my blog was of course the least of which. I avoided talking to people I cared about, lost an ungodly amount of weight, completely let go of the things that made me happy and most of all, I doubted my own capability and intelligence by letting the (now obvious) malice of others drip into my conscience. My willful servitude permitted me to make excuses for people who didn't deserve it, and because of that, my reliable anxiety hit all-time highs. It was the actual most amount of non-fun I've ever had.

And all of it was self-induced; only worthy of inner mercy. I quit that piece-of-shit-ass job, forgave and moved on, but I haven't completely been able to let go of my fantasy of how I will perfectly deliver a flawless greeting when I run into them someday. If you asked me whether or not I would do things differently given a second chance, fuck yeah I would. But I somehow still don't regret it. Masochism isn't my typical avenue of choice and I guess I needed to give it a go to reconfirm the fact that oh yeah, this actually does smell like farts and yup I really don't like it.

It can't go without saying that without the help of many of those close to me (you know who you are), I might not have had a place to sleep many nights or a sane set of ears to help me through the worst of it. When shit gets rough, you'll quickly find out who your real dawgs are.

It's been some time now since that all happened but it didn't feel natural to be left untold. I've got just as much shit-talking about 2013 as the next person, but now all I can say is that those dawgs of mine and I are about to launch something way more awesome than anything I've ever done. Check out @backbite_ on Instagram and hold your breath...